Random Sunday

Good Samaritan, Dusting, and Independent Wealth

Good Samaritan

I was sitting in church this morning and one lesson for this Sunday was the parable of the good Samaritan. I realized, listening to the story, that we have lost much of this in the world today. Too many people won’t reach out to help people in need anymore. People are too different. They’ll take advantage of the help. It’s not my place. And even more excuses exist for this. Does it matter when someone is suffering? Why is it so hard for1pexels-photo-167964 people to reach out to another human being regardless of their skin color, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, or any of the thousand other ways we divide ourselves from others?


We need to invent a way of preventing dust from settling on things. I hate dusting. Drives me nuts as evident from the dust dinosaurs who took up permanent residence around my house. I serve them eviction papers occasionally, but eventually they move back in. The whole process feels so tedious. I’d do a lot of other household chores over dusting. 1pexels-photo-566641On the other hand, my son loves to dust. Too bad he’s five and I can’t entrust him with that chore yet. I will as soon as he is big enough to be trusted to do a good job, can reach everything, and won’t drop things.

Independent Wealth

Anyone have a surefire way of ending up independently wealthy? I’m sure not, or you’d have used it by now. I thought I’d ask anyway on the off chance someone may be holding out on me. It’s just that there are so many things I’d love to do but I run out of time. It’s not that I hate my job or anything1pexels-photo-259027, I enjoy what I do. I wish I didn’t need to work as much so I had more time to do things like the graphic design stuff I’m learning, a quilt I’m working on, and maybe make some things for Christmas. Either that or we need to pass a law here in the US that once every three years, a person can take a one month paid sabbatical to better themselves in some way. I know, won’t happen in my lifetime. Oh well.

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