Random Sunday

Book Release, Whiplash, and Reading

Book Release

Have I got a treat for you over the next couple weeks. I have a whole handful of author interviews and such to celebrate the release of an awesome new anthology from Catterfly Publishing and OWS Ink—Mirrors & Thorns. Yes, a story of mine is in the Mirrors and Thorns Coveranthology, but there’s so much more in it than that. Each of the authors featured has a wonderfully twisted dark fairy tale. Trust me, they are not a light easy read, though I read the entire book in about three days. So, check back often to get some insider information from these great authors as we celebrate the release of Mirrors & Thorns.


img_0100Man, whiplash sucks. The initial trauma piece has been over for a while. After all, the accident was almost a month ago. But, because I had just been dealing with headaches that were originating with an alignment issue in my neck, the residual effects are not wanting to heal well right now. So, I’m back to having headaches and sore muscles again. All for a stupid accident that should not have been that big. Thankfully, though, I’m back at my chiropractor who addressed the headache issue the first time. He’s done a great job so far of helping to address this.


book-1659717_1920I must say, I love watching my son learn to read. So far, he’s only got a handful of words he can read, but that list is growing every day. The other night he was so proud of himself that he could tell me all the letters on the stop sign and that it spelled stop. As we’ve been reading books lately, he’s been picking out more words each time as well. I have the feeling this child will be scary when he gets enough under his belt to figure out words on his own. He’ll be reading everything he can get his hands on. As an author, avid reader, and parent, I wholeheartedly support this. It’ll be interesting trying to keep ahead of him though.


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