Random Sunday

Kids, Weather, and Weekends


I have fun watching little kids. My son is five, many of you may already know, and he sings in the kids’ choir at church. Today they sang a song with an echo. During the final verse, the kids led the echo, and the directors had the congregation repeated it. I had to laugh at the looks on the kids’ faces. They were so excited and impressed to be the ones leading the song. I love that unfettered joy and enthusiasm kids show with things like this. I find it sad we lose that as we get older. I wish we had a way to help us all hold on to that joy a little more.


Spring around my part of the world has been so weird this year. Two weeks ago, we had a massive blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow on us. When I raked leaves off my flower beds yesterday, many of them were up four or five inches already. The allergy season will be killer for the next little while, but it is so cool to sespring-leaves.jpge everything growing. Everything is so busy I can almost literally see the plants growing as they try to make up ground from the weird weather. You ever notice that moment when you study at one tree and you don’t spot much, but you look out at a bunch of trees and there is a green hazy fog because of the buds? That’s my favorite time of year. It doesn’t last long, but it is beautiful.


I have to say this weekend has been so nice. Not necessarily because of anything in particular, but more because of this past week. This last week for me turned into one of those weeks that if you tried to make it up in a story, it would be completely pexels-photo-313690unbelievable. Seriously, no one would believe the craziness of the week. Cancer issues for several people close to me, employee issues at work, weird weather, kids at work misbehaving in bigger ways than normal, and more. thankfully this weekend has been productive but calm. I really needed that to be ready to go into next week. And, I really hope next week will be calmer.

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