Random Sunday

ADHD Issues, Chapbook, and Geocaching

ADHD Issues

I’m still here, honest. I know, you’re getting sick of hearing me say that. So am I. I kind of wonder if my ADHD is getting the better of me lately. I mean, by the time I get home from work, I’m so wiped out I have a hard time seeing straight some days, much less have any ability to string together words into a coherent sentence. Well, maybe I’m dog-123722_1920exaggerating a little here, but you know what I mean. I’m somewhat surprised at the mental drain being in my director position is on me. There are plans in place, though to fix this, though, because I’m sick of not being able to think clearly enough to get my projects done—one of which is showing up regularly here with y’all. One way or another, this will get better or I’ll be 100% certifiable, one of the two.


mistakes-1756958_1920I am so excited!!!! My chapbook is getting ever closer to becoming a reality! I have the font for the cover and some of the inside matter. My publisher just sent me a couple ideas for the cover (which are awesome by the way). My edits are down to just three more poems, unless my editor finds something I’ve missed. It all feels surreal and cool and nerve-wracking and I don’t know what else. I cannot wait to see what this will look like in print. Stay tuned here and you’ll be the first to know when it is ready to order.


My husband, son, and I have been doing quite a bit of geocaching lately. It’s essentially a game where you use GPS coordinates to find hidden “treasures” in various places. Sometimes they’re tiny little capsules that the whole point is just to find. Other times they’re bigger jars and boxes that can hold geocache-398016_1920little trinkets. When you find one of these you can trade trinkets as well. We’ve been having a great time with it. It struck me, though, the other night. I wonder what the original inventors of GPS would think about this game. I mean, it started as a way of tracking satellites in orbit and now we’re using it to find random containers hidden all over the place for sheer grins and giggles. Just a random thought from this last week.

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