Random Sunday

Time, Book Release, and Mama’s Boy


It’s late and I’m cutting it quite close to still be Random Sunday, but I’m giving it a go, anyway. Sometimes I gotta squeeze the writing in when I have time. In other words, after my son is tucked in to bed and my hubby is out the door to work. Then the house is quiet, and I’m done with all the stuff I need to do throughout the day. It’s not always as much time as I want, and I tend to still feel pressured to get more done—like continuing to battle the ever-present mess in my house—but I remind myself I need time for me in all this. Writing is some of that me time.

Book Release

I am so excited! Speaking of writing, my first poetry collection is coming out soon! Well, September 22 to be exact. We’re timing it to happen as we transition into the fall equinox. Why that timing? Because it’s a collection of poems based mostly on Celtic narrative-794978_1920mythology and that timing seemed rather à propos. I got my first proofs today, and it looks so good. The wait until September will kill me with this, I can’t wait to share it with the world. I hope to see some of you around for the release and blog tour for it!

Mama’s Boy

My Peanut is a mama’s boy. We sent him off with my parents and grandparents for the weekend. My brother joined them as well and my son loves his uncle. I appreciated the quiet time to blast through some things I needed to get done around here. What I found funny, though, is when my Peanut got home. Daddy headed out to get hugs first, and I joined a minute or two later. mother-1619054_1920Peanut was fine with Daddy until I walked out. Then he had to be by me. After my parents left, and we all went back inside, Peanut stayed by me the rest of the night, in my lap most of that time. He loves his snuggles, and I guess mama snuggles are still the best. I’m not complaining.

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