Random Sunday

Ren Fest, Feet, and Blessings

Ren Fest

My hubby and I had the best time yesterday taking our son to the Renaissance Festival.IMG-2604 Hubby and I hadn’t been there in probably fourteen years or so, and our son had never been there before. I loved watching my son explore everything going on at the Festival. The only big show we watched was the jousting. That was awesome, and my son laughed so hard at some of the goofy play-acting they pulled after the real jousting part was over. We did watch part of an aerial silks show. I’d love to learn to do that. I’m afraid, IMG-2605though, I’m too old and out of shape to do so. Oh well, maybe someday. I ended the day getting a sweet henna tattoo to compliment my new butterfly ring I found at the Festival as well. Check it out!


I’m going to take just a moment to whine a little. I know this is minor compared to most people, but I’m frustrated. I have tendonitis issues that run along the outside of my left foot and ankle. I do fine for a while, but a lot of walking on uneven ground tends to aggravate the tendonitis. I also have some mild arthritis in the first joint of my big toe on the same foot courtesy of an old injury where I badly dislocated that toe. That means sitting for longer periods will adult-alternative-medicine-care-356053.jpgstart to make that toe hurt. So, I’m whining because I can’t win. If I’m on my feet too much, my ankle and outside edge hurt. If I sit still too much, my toe hurts. With all of that going on in my left foot, my right foot is getting irritated because I’ve shifted so much weight to that foot. This ends up with both feet in quite a bit of pain. Did I mention how I suck at sitting still? Okay, whining over.


My church did the coolest thing today. They had a Blessing of the Backpacks. The youth pastor called all the students up. Didn’t matter if the student was in preschool or working on a PhD. Then, he read a neat story about God always being with us regardless of the circumstances. It closed with a responsive reading between the youth pastor and the congregation. The theme of the reading was around the congregation continuing to back-view-backpack-bag-207697support all these students as agreed at each person’s baptism. It closed with the students echoing a prayer of thanks and hope for a great school year. I thought the whole thing was well planned and a neat way of reassuring all the students, young and old, that they had amazing support for the new school year. He did a nice job of acknowledging this new school year was probably scary for some kids as they started school for the first time or transitioned to a bigger school than what they’d previously been in, while providing that reassurance. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the whole thing turned out really cool.

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