Random Sunday

Sick, Art, and Accomplishments


This sucks. Yes, I’ve whined a bit about it on Twitter, and now I’m writing about it here. Iapartment-bed-carpet-269141.jpg have a stupid cold. I know, it’s not really that big of thing, but oh man is it messing with my ability to focus. And talk about bad timing for it. I have my book release for Scath Oran this coming Saturday and need to finish edits for Tattoos so it can stay on schedule to be published in December. Plus, a big all staff training on Tuesday and mega important deadline on Friday with some licensing stuff for work. I seriously don’t have time to be sick. I just don’t. Someone somewhere has to invent a cure for the common cold. There must be a way. And, think about it, that person would be a hero to most everyone because the common cold is one of those things that affects everyone. Okay, enough whining. Back to the rest of this post and my work.


DSC_0751On the other hand, I am also ecstatic right now. My hubby ordered the prints we wanted for the massive wall in our living room. It’s like a 10-12-foot-high wall as our living room has a vaulted ceiling. I was struggling to find something that took up the space appropriately on that wall. Add the majority of my living room décor is Lord of the Rings—four swords from the movies per my hubby’s choice and a “Not all who wander are lost” art piece to go with all the family pictures by my choice—it got challenging. But, he found an amazing set of prints that form the map of Middle Earth that go perfectly on that wall. Then, when we were at the Renaissance Festival last weekend, we found the artist who did the three pieces in our bedroom. We were able to find a couple more pieces from here that matched well and will be getting those up to fill the last of the open spaces there. Yay for cool art!


I am also feeling very accomplished this weekend, despite being sick. I’ve got some stuff started for the prizes to go with my book release Facebook party. I can’t believe in less than a week Scath Oran will be in print! I’ve got some bookmarks on order andaccomplished-achievement-hands-1080857 should arrive just before the party. I’ve also got some cool jewelry pieces I need to assemble and a journal. There’ll be a scavenger hunt of sorts, so I hope you’ve been following along on the tour. If not, here’s the link again to the whole schedule (hint, hint). Now I just need the proof to come. I want to see that baby in my hands. I’m sure it will look amazing with all the work my publishing team has put into it. That’s the last step before it goes live. Eeek!

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