Random Sunday

Weekend, Report Card, and Books


I have a good reason Random Sunday is a day late. I was way to livid yesterday to compose a post that would be anywhere near fit to post. Wait, yesterday was better than Friday. Last Friday can go jump off a real high bridge and land on the pavement below. Hard. Yep, Friday. Unless Monday disguised itself as Friday instead. See, first I woke up to my kid getting sick at about 4 AM. He continued that about once every half hour until about 8 AM. Now, before anyone thinks I am mad at him, I’m not. It’s not his fault. In fact, I loathe it when he gets sick like this because he gets so upset by it that I want to cry. It’s his sensory processing stuff that makes this particularly challenging for him to deal with. Thankfully, the 8 AM round ended up the final round. I thought I was in the clear. img_0100Wrong. That evening we were on our way out of town for a weekend with my in-laws. It’s dark, but I’m driving a part of the freeway I’m comfortable with. Plus, there are multiple other cars around, so no big deal. Until I came to a spot where someone had dropped multiple wooden pallets across the entire width of the freeway. To make matters worse, multiple cars had hit them already more than once. So, not only were they on the freeway, but debris from the traffic bounced all over the road at the same time. I’m here to tell you 2’x4’s and radiators do not mix well at all. We pulled off at the next exit for gas and to check my car only to have my car enveloped in a cloud of antifreeze. So, it got left in the middle of nowhere with a small tow company while my in-laws came to pick us up. That way we could at least enjoy the weekend we’d been planning for at least four or five months now. As of the time I’m writing this, they’re still working on getting an estimate on my car. I’m questioning whether I’ll get my car back at all this week.

Report Card

My son got his report card today. This made me happy as I have been wondering how he is doing in school. I can see all sorts of progress in what he can do here at home. He, however, has a knack for not showing his teachers what he can do. I’m not sure if he gets nervous, though this isn’t generally his personality, or if he gets distracted, which is more his style. I have to say I am so proud of him. Over half of the areas he was graded in reflected he’s at his benchmarks for the end of the first trimester or better. He even earned the highest grade in one area, which the teachers said in a letter accompanying the report card is a difficult thing to do this early in the school year. It means he’s apple-256263_1920consistently demonstrating skills a full grade level above where he’s at. The other half all reflected he’s making good progress toward his goals. None of it said anything about him struggling at all in school. For being the youngest in his class—his birthday’s two weeks before school starts—and that he’s always had a hard time sitting still and focusing, and yes that’s accounting for what’s developmentally appropriate for his age, I am so proud of him.


And for sticking with me through some crazy last weeks (or is it months now?), I do have a special treat for you. OWS Ink has been doing a 12 Days of Indies promo. If you like eBooks, this is the time to shop. All books are $2.99 or less, and there are some great titles in there. My debut novel, Tattoos, is even in the mix for pre-ordering. I know, it’s not my usual Random Sunday fare, but I’m excited about this sale. Not only do I have my novel on pre-order for it, my poetry book, Scath Oran, is also in there. To me, this is a huge 10forward step in my writing career. I’ve had a collection of poems published as part of an anthology before. I’ve had short stories included in anthologies. But, these two books are the first that are mine and mine alone. To then be included in this big 12-day promo is really cool to me. I hope you stop by to check out my books along with books from several other amazing authors. Stock up on reading for winter!


And of course, I can’t get the links to work. Seriously, you can’t write stuff like this. I have links to the Books2Read website in temporarily so you can at least find my books. I’ll be updating my page here soon, too. When I can get the OWS Ink Store links to work here, I’ll update the links here.

The Update’s Update

Woohoo – the store is fixed now. So, I have updated the links. Also be sure to check out great merchandise to go with many of the books in the OWS Ink store. There’s great choices out there!

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