Random Sunday

Kinesiology Tape, Crochet, and Weather

Kinesiology Tape

Have you ever had to wear kinesiology tape? It’s weird stuff. My physical therapist has been putting some on my arm off and on since the middle of December for my elbow issues. It’s helping too, but the stuff is odd. The tape is designed to support muscles and joints while also bending and flexing to let you move with it. The stuff is quite elastic to make that work. What’s weird is where I can feel the tape supporting my forearm and bicep muscles, yet it doesn’t seem like it. One would think to support those muscles and kinesiology-2189905_1920my elbow joint properly; the supports would have to be restrictive. This isn’t. The other bizarre part is that I can feel quite a bit through the tape—pressure, temperature, etc. But, there’s nothing as far as the actual sensation of something touching my skin. And, man, when the stuff gets wet it’s all sorts of confusing because the tape takes a while to dry. And, yet, the tape only feels damp when you touch it after patting it dry with a towel. If you ever need physical therapy and the therapist suggests using this, I’d take them up on the offer. The stuff is so helpful, but man it’s an odd thing to experience.


I had to break things up this week. I’ve been doing so much writing for work and my novel release last month totally fried my brain. So, I perused my Pinterest boards—of which I have a bunch—and poked around to see what looked interesting to change the pace a little. You know how it goes with Pinterest though. Once you look, you get sucked in and spend hours scrolling through all sorts of random stuff. Sometimes it gets to where you started looking for a recipe and end up with movie memes and crochet img-3101patterns. Well, that happened to me. But I found the coolest thing. The pattern for a crocheted key chain Tardis, and two versions of the scarf from the fourth Doctor in Dr. Who. The pattern has a full-size scarf pattern and a miniature one to go with the key chain Tardis. I had to try making one. My hubby loves Dr. Who, as do many my friends. I’m not as into the older Dr. Who episodes, but I like the newer ones. A couple hours later, I have myself a crocheted key chain Tardis. And the break was much appreciated by my overworked brain.


If you somehow missed it along the way, I live in Minnesota. You know, the land where if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. It’ll change. Holy moly, though, lately the weather here’s been giving even us veteran Minnesotans a run for our money. We went from 30s-40s Fahrenheit around Christmas to 15 below zero Fahrenheit by New Year’s Day. Yesterday, my mom and I took my son for a walk at a local county park. The temps were back up in the 40s Fahrenheit and we had beautiful blue skies. Then, when I checked the weather, so I could plan for what to send in my son’s backpack for outside recess at school. They’re saying we’re supposed to be back down in single digits to nearsky-3335585_1920 zero Fahrenheit by Tuesday night. Tonight and into tomorrow they’re predicting rain, but by Friday we’re supposed to get snow. Plus, by next weekend, we’re also supposed to be back up in the high 30s Fahrenheit again. These yo-yos are just insane. It’s almost impossible to keep up. I’m telling you, the weather’s enough to make my head spin.

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