I’m a bit slow, but I’m back with another response to last week’s 100-Word Challenge from Tara Roberts. She gave us the word Dear with the challenge to write about a letter the sender regrets immediately upon sending it. After reading my response, please make sure to stop by and see what others did with this same prompt!


I had to tell you I found your boxmailbox-1819966_1920
hidden in the back of your drawer.
Tattered and worn,
An odd vessel to contain
such weighty things.
Creased and faded photographs
from times long gone.
Construction paper hearts
covered in childish scribbles.
But it was the letter
in the yellow envelope with
frilly purple ink.
The words written there—
they broke my heart.
The tear stains on the pages
are from me alone,
for now I know the secret
you carried all these years.
Though why you never told me
I do not know.

I still love you.

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