Random Sunday

Snow, Burns, and A Movie


Wow. My arms are killing me right now. We’ve had so much snow this month here in Minnesota it’s just crazy. I think the official total as of writing this is close to three feet of snow just in February. With all this snow, I needed to rake some of it off my roof and my parents’ roof since they’re out of town right now. There had to be 12-18 inches of snow on the roofs. My husband tried to help me, but he couldn’t do a lot because of injuring his hand at work last week. Let me tell you, trying to rake snow off a roof when you’re only 5 feed 4 inches is challenging. Then I had to dodge my six-year-old son who was so desperate to help but ended up in the way more often than not. I am so ready for the snow to be over now. But, by the time y’all are reading this, yet another snowstorm will have hit us. I won’t get the worst of it, but they’re figuring another 3-6 inches for my area. And at least a little more snow later this week. It might be July before we melt all of this.


I’m learning a new skill over this last week and will perfect it in the next couple weeks. My husband got hurt at work almost a week ago. He had molten polycarbonate plastic squirt out of the molding machine where it wasn’t supposed to and splatter all over his hand. Now his hand is a patchwork of second- and third-degree burns. And guess which hand he burned. Yep, his dominant hand. I can’t say enough positive stuff for the ER and HCMC’s burn unit, though. They have been great to work with in addressing all the burns and teaching my husband how to take care of them here at home. I have been learning from him how to take care of them because he has a hard time navigating some of this on his own with only his non-dominant hand. He’s getting better as he has to do more, but I have the feeling this will be an adventure for a while yet.

A Movie

Speaking of adventures, we took my son to see How to Train Your Dragons 3 this weekend. My son and husband watched the first two movies after school earlier this week. My son, of course, loved it. That ending, though. My son cried. I was close to crying. Not sure how my husband did, or if he would admit it. Cool end to the story, that’s for sure. And it gave me an idea for at least a short story of my own, maybe even a novella length story. Now I need to find the time to write it. Anyway, I highly recommend How to Train Your Dragons 3. Lots of good lessons in there and a fitting end to the series.

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