Random Sunday

Headaches, T-Shirt Quilt, and Changes


Man, these stupid headaches are back. I can feel them at the base of my skull, just to the right side of my spine. That spot pops—it’s a weird sensation that’s hard to describe—and the pain shoots out from there. I’m glad that part of the headache lasts a few seconds on average. Once that stops, the dull, unrelenting headache starts. It can last all day some days. Yoga seems to help so I need to get back into doing my yoga routines regularly again. I also have a chiropractor appointment coming up again this next week. I hope between the two they will help settle these headaches down again because I hate having to take medication to deal with them. Tylenol and ibuprofen do little at times and I am trying hard to avoid anything more potent than that.

T-Shirt Quilt

I’ve been working on something new this week. Well, mainly yesterday and the idea for this started way longer ago than this week. See, yesterday was National Quilting Day so some of my local quilting friends/family got together and quilt to DSC_0097.JPGcelebrate. We also do a quilt challenge twice a year. Since I’m woefully behind on the challenges, I worked on one of my backlogged ones. For this one, we had to use a magazine page that matched our age at the time we issued the challenge to inspire our quilt. I found a page that fulfilled the requirements but also allowed me to work on a quilt I’d promised to my husband years ago. It all started when we went to the Minnesota Zoo many years ago—I don’t even remember for sure how long ago it was. They had this beautiful t-shirt quilt from zoos across the country. My husband loved the quilt and has wanted one ever since. Fast forward to about a year ago, he cleaned out his overstocked t-shirt drawer and came up with a pile of zoo shirts from zoos we’d visited. So, I started in on the meat and potatoes of making that quilt yesterday. Five of sixteen shirts are now quilt blocks ready to sew together. It’s been both more complicated and less complicated than what I thought it would be. I can’t wait to see what my version of a zoo t-shirt quilt will look like when I’m done. No worries, I’ll share pictures of the finished quilt as well!


I don’t know what to think right now. This last week got pretty rough. Work wasn’t as bad as it has been before, but it wasn’t a good week. Some of the frustrations are just crazy dumb to me. I was at the point several times over the last week where I wanted to knock people’s heads together and yell at them to get it together. Then all sorts of stuff blew up over at Our Write Side. I’m not even sure what all happened. I only know there are major changes happening there. For my day job, I’m hoping plans we are working on will help address the urge to beat sense into people. As for OWS, I’m keeping my head down and waiting out the storm for now. I’m not sure if whatever all it is will lead me in a different direction as far as my author future goes. Maybe this is a passing storm and not as much changes as what it may seem right now. So, keep your eyes here. I’ll be sharing that future plan for this blog, my books, and more once I have a grasp on what options I have.

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