Premonitions Unheeded

I missed last week’s 100 Words prompt from Tara Roberts over at Thin Spiral Notebook, which bummed me out. But I’m squeaking in just under the wire for this week’s prompt–spot. Here’s my 100 word poem:

Premonitions Unheeded

Here I stand upon the shorerocks-1061540_1280.jpg
waiting now for any sign.
A sail, a smudge, or anything,
a simple sign to see you there.
Yet that bleak dark line
remains so clear and clean;
No sign of where you’ve gone
to seek your fame on distant shores
so many moons ago.

I begged and cried for you to stay
for dreams of dread had filled my sleep.
That you would leave and not return,
that I was left to mourn for you.
Yet off you went, my words unheard
And now I stand upon the shore
in endless waiting evermore.

Be sure to stop by Thin Spiral Notebook to see the excellent responses from others who have participated in the challenge!


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