NaPoWriMo: A Self-Portrait of Sorts

So, I’m giving NaPoWriMo a try this month. Never heard of it? It’s a challenge to write a poem every day for the entire month of April. While I won’t be posting them all here, I will share some of what I write along the way. Here’s where you can find more wonderful blogs from poets participating in the challenge. And it’ll be all over social media.

So, this poem was inspired by the early-bird prompt challenging us to write a self-portrait poem in the guise of a mythical or famous figure. I give you:

A Self-Portrait of Sorts

Image by Yerson Retamal on Pixabay.com

To be a chosen one of Odin
roaming the halls of Valhalla.

To sit at a loom of fate
choosing strings to save
and those to snip.

My judgment comes sure and swift
backed by the Allfather
until the twilight of the gods.

My presence alone burns
like the blazing of the sun.

I chaperone those deemed worthy
and winnow those unfit.

I guide the valiant
along the rocky path of life
to an ending fit for a warrior.

Feared and revered,
I am a battlemaiden.


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