An Ode to Our Lady of Paris

Once again, Tara stumped me for a while with her 100 Word Prompt this week. She gave us delicacy. I had no idea where to start. Then the tragedy of the fire at Notre Dame de Paris happened and I knew what I needed to write about. See, even though I’ve never been there, I studied French, including culture and not just the language itself, and Notre Dame earned a special place in my heart. Thus, I give you…

An Ode to Our Lady of Paris

Image by 139904 from Pixabay.com

Such beauty and grace,
an icon from another age.
The heart of a nation,
tall and proud
standing for centuries.
A magnificent building
and yet so much more.
Gargoyles and grotesques
have guarded these walls
while the bells peeled
their joyous songs.
Filigreed glass dazzles
with a riotous dance
of color, shape, and light.
The stories that live
within these fabled walls
fill volumes alone
of life and death,
and life again.
A heart and spirit
and ever so much more.
A contradiction of strength
and delicacy,
ever will you stand
a testament to all that you are,
Our Lady.


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