Be without Ds

Wow did Tara throw us a curve ball this time. Rather than a specific word for our 100 Word Challenge, we got the assignment of crafting a response without using the letter D anywhere. Much easier said than done. With that, I bring you my response, where the only D in it is in the title, which I say doesn’t count since I didn’t count it in my 100 words.

Be without Ds

Image by Jose Reyes from Pixabay.com

Brave brashness
gutsy grin
Teenage angst
below a tough veneer
Smoking pot
slamming alcohol
trying not to show
the anxiety
eating away at faith
consuming the heart
Trouble focusing
sitting still
No one can know
these lurk internally
For the game is up
they are week
if the secret is let out
But I can see through
that tough exterior
to the little one within
who just wants snuggles
to hear that all will be okay
in this big threatening
So I give them my ear,
a piece of my heart
to take with them
when they go


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100 word challenge


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