Random Sunday

Sunday, Cars, and Cycon


Oh, my. It’s Sunday and I’m unprepared for Random Sunday today. The day just snuck up on me. I mean, I know how to look at a calendar and I remember Sunday comes after Saturday. If I didn’t, my son has a snazzy little song he learned at school that names all the days of the week and the week has seven days. Which, now that song is stuck in my head. But, somehow it keeps feeling like we should have one more day in between agenda-black-calendar-273011.jpgSaturday and Sunday. Saturday goes by way too fast. Then I’m left all surprised we’re back to Sunday and I need to get my Random Sunday post up. This week’s been bad because I missed two of my other posts. I will make it up to you next week. That’s also why I’m getting this post up. I didn’t want it to be three strikes and I’m out. So, on with more of my random ramblings from the week.


I’m back to car issues again. I swear, we’re on day 563 of my car repair adventures and the check engine light still has not turned off. We went back to the auto parts store and had the code read again to see if it was the same issue or something else. Came up with the same code again. In talking with the guys at the store, they suggested the problem could be a different part that’s the issue. While under normal circumstances, putting in a car-clear-sky-jeep-104404part which doesn’t fix the issue might be an aggravation, the first part was reasonably inexpensive, and they confirmed today the part we put in was bad. However, it’s not the only one. I guess there’s one more valve solenoid back by the gas tank that also creates this issue. So, when we got home, my hubby poked around under the car and discovered that part’s cracked. Could be it’s just the mounting bracket cracked, but I’m guessing we’re not that lucky. Unfortunately, he had to go to bed before we had time to fix much of anything—he works third shift and goes into work Sunday nights. So, I guess we’ll have to do more fixing again this week and maybe next weekend in between other things.


It’s Cycon next weekend, people!!! Yes, it’s true. What’s Cycon, you ask? Why, Cycon is a massive gathering of people who love creating books and people who love consuming books all in one place! Authors, designers, publishers, editors, and more will all be there talking about books. And not just print books or ebooks. Audio books are represented as well. There are games and interviews and live chats and more. If you love books, Cycon is the place to be all weekend next weekend. The best part is that it’s free to attend. You can check out books of all genres and chat with authors all in one place—online. No pants required (well, unless you’re logging on in a place that requires them…). The goings on will be rolling along all day and night starting on Friday straight through to Sunday. I’m posting links to a couple things below for where you can find all the happenings, but they are not the only ones. Come check it out and find my over in Sci-Fi and in Fantasy!

Cycon Main Website – Where most of the fun happens

Cycon Facebook event – Stuff happens here, too!

Fantasy Sci Fi Reader’s Lounge – Special sci-fi/fantasy author takeover event happening all weekend!

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