Random Sunday

Muses, Technology, and Nova Awards

Random Sunday on Monday night instead. Hey, at least I’m getting a little closer. I forgot yesterday with the holiday weekend and all. Anyway, on with the show.


Wow. Now I’m sitting down here thinking about what to write, nothing comes to mind. Don’t you hate when that happens? You go to do something. Maybe it’s writing or it’s something else. But suddenly there’s nothing. No inspiration, no flash of genius, no stroke of good luck, nothing. Seems unfair really. I mean, here we are attempting to create something artistic with words, or paint, or pencils, or fabric, or whatever. And not one iota of anything to inspire the creation of said art. Why is that? I wonder sometimes if muses exist, like the Greek gods, and they’re messing with us. There are up to nine, you know. Accounts vary as to the exact count. But nine seems to be the upward end. Or is it because they’ve gotten into a fight with each other and are so focused on that they can’t provide any inspiration? There must be some good explanation. Or it’s just me. What do you think?


I’m convinced sometimes technology hates me. Like technology has a personal vendetta against me. I have no idea what I ever did to cause such hatred. Take for example just now. I bought a new sewing machine a couple weeks ago because my old one was dying. Hideous squeak at every stitch and the bottom thread tension just didn’t work anymore. Go figure, though, as I’ve had the thing for about fifteen years and it was a cheap floor apple-606761_640.jpgmodel to begin with. Anyway, I went in just now to register my new machine for the warranty. First, I had to create the account. No problem, that’s easy. Next, the screen asked me for the serial number of my machine. So, I got the box and copied the number off the box. I typed it in multiple times. Wouldn’t work. Fine, perhaps the one on the box isn’t complete or something like that. I checked my machine and copied it off of that. Same number. I entered the serial number again several times. Still not working. I cleared out of that screen and reloaded the serial number screen again. Put in the same number I’ve been putting in all along. This time it worked. Why?? Why did it not work the first twenty times I put the number in?? Therefore I’m convinced sometimes technology hates me.

Nova Awards

I’m trying a new adventure for the coming year. I might be a bit crazy. Well we know I am but that’s beside the point. I’m signing up to be a Nova Award mentor for my son and will also work with any den mates interested in earning Nova Awards for Cub Scouts. These are awards focused on the STEM subjects—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. There are multiple different Nova awards looking at different STEM areas and it takes some work for the kids to earn an award. I’ve also talked my sister, who is a nova award.jpgpharmacist, to be a mentor for my son to get his Supernova award. The Supernova award takes an in-depth look at STEM and really makes the kids work. The award can take six months or more to earn. It will be interesting to see how my son does with these awards. He loves science type things so I would expect he will like this. What will be more interesting is if any of his den mates decide they want to earn these awards and I end up working with them, too. It will be an adventure, that’s for certain.

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