Random Sunday

Pillow Cases, Biking, and Yoga

Pillow Cases

I know I’ve been talking quilt stuff often as of late, but I found another project I had to try. It was so simple my son and I whipped the pillow case together in a matter of about an hour. Well, after I got the stupid red fabric to stop bleeding dye all over. I think that took twenty minutes alone. If you can, splurge for the better fabric. It’s worth the extrabreak-1736072_640.jpg money for the stuff not to bleed dye like crazy. Anyway, what we found was a pillowcase pattern that comprises three pieces of fabric and two seams. That’s it. And it is easy to boot. But watch the tutorial video because the directions alone could be confusing. At one point you roll all the fabric up and appear to sew the pillow case all together inside the medium-sized piece. It makes sense and works so cool though. Here’s a link to the tutorial if you want to try one yourself.


Here’s another thing I can guess y’all might be sick of hearing about, but I’m saying it, anyway. Once again, I’m so proud of my son. We went for a bike ride today because he loves to ride his bike. He bikes back and forth to school every day the weather cooperates, which is only about ½ a mile one way. Today, though, we stopped by and cycling-828646_640.jpgpicked up Papa. By the time we got home, we’d ridden five miles. Yep, five. He rode the whole way, even kept going after we offered several times to ride home. He loved it when we took the bike trail near the train tracks and ended up having a train pass us. Plus, he said nothing about getting tired until we were about ¼ mile from Papa and Meemah’s house. So, we took a break there before riding the last ¼ mile home. And I know if I asked him about going for a bike ride again another day, he’d jump on it. So, yep, I’m proud of him.


Hmm. I guess there’s a theme of repeats in today’s ramblings because the last thing I’ll go on about today is my yoga again. Now, please, don’t misunderstand my endorsement of the practice. I am not saying yoga is a cure-all for everything, nor am I advocating everyone should practice yoga no matter what. What I am saying is I am noticing how much yoga is helping me control my cervicogenic headaches and pain from the myofascial trigger points in my upper back. Even just 15 minutes a day makes such apeople-2573216_640.jpg difference. If you try yoga, make sure you’re talking to your doctor about it and be careful if you’ve got a background of mental illness concerns, particularly trauma. The routines can trigger an increase in mental health symptoms. This can heal if done right, but work with a therapist trained to use yoga as a therapeutic tool or it has the potential to go wrong fast. My chiropractor knows I am doing this and has said this is a good thing for me. And I love it because of how much it has limited the need to do medications and such for these headaches.

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