Random Sunday

Leaks, Shoes, and Kayaks


Boy has it been a wild week. Just trying to organize my thoughts for this week’s Random Sunday post is a challenge. Let me start with the pain in the behind stuff first. We discovered a massive leak in my basement above my patio door. Well, that’s where the plumbing from the kitchen runs. Hoping it wasn’t in the wall, we pulled out the dishwasher. No such luck. My hubby pulled open the header above the patio door and discovered black mold. We saw no overt leaks, though. So, we started with the waterplumbing-840835_640.jpg tests. I stood upstairs and ran water down the kitchen sink while he watched for a leak downstairs, but we found nothing. Next, I ran about an inch or two of water in the kitchen sink and let it drain. Still nothing. Finally, I ran the kitchen sink almost half full of water and pulled the plug. That produced results. Results as in Old Faithful sprouting up from the top of the pipe. Yep, not impressed. At least now we know where the leak is. Guess what I’ll be doing all week.


Hmm, what to share next. There’s been a lot and some of it isn’t mine to share, so that’s the hesitation here. Oh, I got it. I got my new shoes this weekend. First off, no jokes about women and shoes here. I am not a shoe fanatic. This is cool because I struggle with tendonitis issues related to being double jointed. One spot I’ve had repeated issues is in shoes-1033637_640.jpgthe outside of my left foot and ankle. Hence the need for good shoes. Well, I’ve been putting it off for a while now and it’s shown in how much my foot ends up hurting half the time. But after something else going on, we stopped at the mall and tried a new shoe store. I found two pairs of good shoes—a pair of athletic shoes and a pair of athletic style work shoes. They specifically recommended the athletic shoes for the peroneal tendonitis in my foot. I’m excited to try them.


I think we’ll end this week’s Random Sunday on a high note. We got my kayak!!! I’ve been saving for a year now to get it. Well, I had to save for mine, one for my son, and one for my husband so we can all go. But we did it today! We got them! My son’s is perfect for him—fluorescent orange and only about 6 feet long. It’s plenty of room for him to grow into and small enough we can tow it if need be. And the bright color should help otherscolorful-1553246_640.jpg see him in the water because I know this child. He tends to forget to pay attention to what’s going on around him because he’s so busy staring at what’s going on around him. Now we just need a few accessories and we’ll be set to hit the water. Accessory number one? Paddle leashes, one for my son in particular. I don’t trust him not to drop his paddle. But he’s six going on seven. It’s expected no matter what. Just need to get the stupid pipe fixed, order the minimal accessories, and we can go play.


And don’t forget the Solstice Scavenger Hunt! It’s going on now!


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