Gecko, Gecko

I loved the prompt from Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook this week. The word lizard instantly brought to mind the ongoing chases and struggles my sister had with the geckos invading her apartment when she lived in Hawaii for a few years. She wasn’t very fond of the geckos even though I thought they were cute. When she caught them, she’d toss them out of her apartment onto the lanai rather unceremoniously. So, this one is for my sister and her gecko adventures.

Gecko, Gecko

Gecko, gecko where are you?gecko-2728091_640.jpg
Skittering on up the wall,
dancing high up out of reach.

Little brown with beady eyes.
Green and long with sticky toes.
Scaly skin in mottled shades.

Racing ‘round apartment walls,
merry game of chase abounds.
Lizard leads the way again.

Whip-like tail will flick around
chasing all across my place,
on it goes into the night.

I won’t sleep until you’re found.
Game of tag now hide and seek;
I am it though not by choice.

Spotted you hidden in bed.
Cup slams down trapping you there.
Let me teach you how to fly.

Now, let me add quick here. I am not promoting harm to the geckos. I loved them. My sister, though rather unceremonious in her eviction process, also worked not to harm them. This ending is just meant as a bit of tongue in cheek humor, just to be clear.

Be sure to check out other responses to the prompt. Besides, Tara has an awesome statue that inspired this prompt. You want to see it.

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