Random Sunday

People Watching, Bread, and Reading

People Watching

We did our shopping at Costco and at Sam’s Club this weekend like normal and, let me tell you, the people watching there can be entertaining. No, I don’t laugh at or make fun of people. What I mean is paying attention to what people get and trying to make sense out of what they’re buying. Like, at Costco, we stopped to get some lunch and sat near the checkouts while we ate. One lady checked out with like ten bags of frozen chicken. She had a couple other things, but the vast majority of what she bought comprised piles frozen chicken packages. Or I saw this older couple, like fifties or maybe sixties. They supermarket-949913_640.jpghad eight or ten different things in their cart, but then had at least eight 36-count cases of Mountain Dew and Diet Mountain Dew. Enough so that the Mountain Dew filled most of the cart and the other things sat on top. But the most puzzling one that caught my eye on this weekend of shopping trips, was the guy who checked out with two carts filled and then some with watermelons. I bet there had to be at least thirty watermelons between the two carts. In all seriousness, what would someone be doing with that many watermelons? Like I said, it’s fun to watch and puzzle over why people are buying what they do sometimes.


I needed to make some stuff for a potluck coming up. So, I made some rhubarb jam. My grandma found this recipe that is so easy and ultra-delicious. Best part—it is super easy to make. Comes out every time. But when you bring jam to a potluck, you need to bring something to put it on. I poked around and found a recipe for cinnamon bread online. Looked easy and good. I can tell you it tastes good. However, something went a little bread-1460403_640.jpgwonky when I made it. Think of this cinnamon like banana bread or something along that lines. Only, when I baked it, the bread formed this massive bubble in the middle of it. This made the entire top of the bread fall in after I pulled it out of the oven. I don’t understand what happened, but it will not work well at all to put jam on. Guess what I’ll be doing on my way to the potluck.


My son made me so happy today! We’d gone over to some family’s house to visit, and they were talking about school with my son. He just finished first grade, so the inevitable question came up about what did he like best about school. That question needs to be qualified around him or he’ll tell you lunch and recess every time. Considering this is a child who cannot sit still until he falls asleep, and even then does a fair amount of squirming in his sleep. And this is a child who can out eat me at only six years old, it’s read-3635697_640.jpgeasy to see why he likes those things. So, my husband chimes in and coaches my son on picking something other than lunch or recess because we already know he loves those. My son stands there for a couple seconds, looks up, and announces he enjoys reading the best. That made me so happy! If he loves to read, he can learn about anything he wants. The rest of his subjects can take second place to reading for all of me, so long as he still loves to read.

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