Random Sunday

Time, Class Development, and Hyper-Focus


It amazes me how easily time gets away on me. I get so much of it is because I take on stuff that can end up overwhelming if I’m not careful. And I’m not always careful like I know I need to be. So, over the last couple weeks I ended up tired, pushing pocket-watches-436567_640.jpgoverwhelmed, and just not having the creative energy to do a lot. I’m guessing you’ve noticed based on the absence of posts here over the last few weeks. But I think I am in a better place now. And I’m taking some other steps I’m hoping will help me maintain this feeling and space. Above and beyond this, I thank you all for sticking with me on this crazy author adventure I’m on. Thank you for everything. You all are amazing.

Class Development

I have a new project I’m working on for my day job. One requirement I must make sure my counselors meet is they need to have at least 30 hours of classroom instruction on adolescent development. If a candidate does not come in with that, it can be so challenging to help them fulfill it. Short of sending them to a stage-of-life-1287959_640.pngcollege class, it’s hard to find a course that meets the requirement. And let me clarify, this is because I run an adolescent program. If it was an adult program, this wouldn’t be an issue. Anyway, guess what my master’s degree is in? Yep, child and adolescent development. So, guess what I am working on? Right again. A 30-hour classroom training course so I can ensure all my counselors meet that legal requirement. I’ve never done something this big before. It’ll be an interesting experience.


Speaking of mental health type things, though it’s a jump from anything else discussed today so far, have you ever heard of hyper-focus associated with ADHD? Most people think ADHD is a lack of focus, which is a classic feature. However, hyper-focus is a lesser known symptom of ADHD. It’s where someone gets so focused on a specific task or african-3644083_640.jpgactivity, they lose track of time and struggle to function in any other thing they attempt. That’s me right now. I’m working on a graphics job for Three Furies Press for a big indie author’s project. I really want to get the graphics right and I’m on a roll with them. So, drop by and say hi. Chat with me about how your week has gone. I promise I’ll be watching for the notifications even as I hide out in Photoshop again.


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