Random Sunday

Emergencies, Jobs, and Shopping


Boy, am I glad I’m not working a day job right now. I apologize most sincerely for dropping off the face of the earth for a bit there. A situation came up that put a serious curveball in play we hadn’t expected. While I’m open to talking about some of stuff, I’m firefighter-2679283_640.jpgtrying to be respectful of other people involved. Hence the vague discussion of crap happening with little information. Let’s just say there were things like hospitals and doctors and such involved in the situation. Yes, everyone is okay for now. Not out of the woods yet, but at least somewhat okay. Like I said, though, I am happy and relieved that if this had to happen, having it happen while I’m between jobs was good. That way I could be there to help with whatever was and is needed without worrying about time off or anything of the sort. But, unless there are more surprises coming, I will get y’all double headers for the posts I missed over the last few days. By my score, I need to get my book review done and my Serial Saturday done yet. Keep an eye out for them! (And, no, it wasn’t a fire that happened. More just a representation of life lately.)


Speaking of stuff happening—yeah, you read it right. I’m not working a day job anymore right now. Got laid off because of financial issues at the company I’d been at for five years. Ironically, I got laid off the day after my five-year anniversary. My five years was on a Sunday and I got the ax the Monday morning after having just walked in from an almost two-week vacation. What a welcome back. The one thing that made this easier to keyboard-417090_640.jpgdeal with is I work in a field where the open jobs outnumber the people looking for jobs. So, with my experience and training, I was confident it would only be a matter of a little time and research, I’d have a job again. At the end of the second week, I got a job. Because it’s with a major hospital/clinic, I have to wait a couple weeks yet to start their orientation before I can get to my new job. And the offer they made me floored me. I knew I had some good experience and all, but wow, I didn’t expect what they brought to the table when they offered me the position. I’m excited about the position and the direction this will take my career. It’s so cool to consider the possibilities.


Ugh. There’s one part of my new job I’m not looking forward to. At least not if it’s what I think it will be. I’m pretty sure I will have to go shopping for some new clothes. While I love having the new clothes, I detest—no; I loathe shopping for new clothes. Things don’t fit right. They don’t look good on me. They’re expensive. Shopping pushes my rather limited patience to the max and then some. Around here shopping also often means shopping-mall-1316787_640.jpgmalls, which are way too noisy and crowded most of the time for me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m outgoing enough that it’s not the people part of it. It’s the sensory overload part that bothers me. Too much noise, too many flashing lights, too many smells from perfume vendors and food courts and such. That’s the part that tests my ability to cope. Hmm, now that I’m reading what I wrote, I think I know where my son gets some of these same sensory tendencies…

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