100 Word Challenge: Homemade

Hey, y’all. I’ve got my response to the 100 Word Challenge over at Thin Spiral Notebook done this week. Here’s your fair warning–there’s been a lot of stress going on in my life and this response reflects a little of what’s been going on. Our challenge word this week was homemade. I give you:

Finding Peace

It’s the little things I miss the mostsun-3726030_640.jpg
now that you’re gone.
The sense of you
just being in this space;
that your job was the dishes
once family dinner was over;
how you’d read to the kids
from across the country
on those long winter nights;
the games we’d all play
on our weekend outings.

You still linger, fighting on,
but your strength is fading
into a quiet sunset.
Be at peace
from this war within
you’ve waged for so long.

Your love lives on
in these precious three,
the true spirit of what it means
to be homemade.

Be sure to stop by Thin Spiral Notebook to see what others have done with this prompt!

100 word challenge

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