Random Sunday

Life, New Ventures, and Messes


It’s been a while since I wrote a regular Random Sunday post. You can guess from the little bits I’ve shared that there’s been a lot going on. I got laid off right after returning from vacation. Then I got a new job at a hospital in the area that is way better than what I lost. After that, we finally got some answers to a family member’s illness, but too late to pedestrians-400811_640.jpgsave his life. So, following the natural course, we had a funeral. Last week I started my new job. Thank goodness I had that extra bit of time off to help manage the rest of the stuff going on. And this is the short version of life as of late. I am working to get into the new schedule and back on track here now that my head’s not spinning quite so much. What’s been going on for you?

New Ventures

We had another new venture this last week as well. My son’s Cub Scout den didn’t have any leaders. After some pleading from him and it looking like there weren’t any other volunteers, his father—my husband—and I stepped up for the role. We felt bad and didn’t want the boys stuck without a leader. So, we get to wrangle and shepherd a group of seven-year-old boys through their wolf rank. The girls den had a leader already, so we don’t have to worry about them. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the group through the rest of their time in Cub Scouts as well. It’s been interesting trying to shift some of my thinking to elementary school kids. I’ve been so used to teenagers, I default to that quite often. I’m excited, though, to see how this goes. The first meeting went well, so I’m crossing my fingers we will be able to do it again. Regardless of what happens, we’ll have fun along the way and that’s what counts.


Man, I’d like to know how on earth a house can get so dirty with only three people living in it. The laundry pile this weekend tried to mob me, though whether to eat me or to plead for mercy I’m not certain. I’ve gone way beyond dust bunnies into dust dinosaurs. They might be Tyrannosaurus Rexs, too, since I think they also are starting to attack when you’re not looking. And holy cow has my kid’s toys gotten out of control. No more feeding them after midnight or getting them wet. I don’t think I trust leaving them in the dark either. What else causes stuff like that to multiply? I want to make sure I avoid those, too. He spent a good part of his day cleaning his room and there is still a massive pile to deal with. Can a non-muggle teach me the incantation to get things to clean themselves? I’d pay good money for it, I swear.

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