Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 4

My apologies this has been delayed. This new schedule with work and riding the train has really thrown me off my game. Anyway, if you need to go back to catch up at all, here’s the link for the main story page, or you can click on Hunting the Hunted under Serial Stories on the menu above. Otherwise, please enjoy and I’d love to hear what you think!

First Taste of Magic

The silence dragged on until it became leaden between us. Without warning, Kris stormed over to me and grabbed my head. Everything spun to black.


Two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. Each eyed the other, tension thicker than the fog that eddied around them. The blond man looked away first, missing the small smile from the black-haired man.

“Where’s my information, Brayden?” the black-haired man growled.

Brayden hesitated; his body hunched. He refused to meet the other man’s dagger gaze.fog-2056379_640.jpg

“Well? Either answer me or challenge me, boy. I won’t wait all night.”

Brayden sighed, his body crumpling like a tin can. “Please, Stephan, don’t do this. She’s no threat to you or your pack.”

“That’s not for you to decide.” Venom and disdain dripped from every word of Stephan’s answer.

Brayden inched back from Stephan. Quicker than a lightning flash, he turned to run. It did him little good. Stephan tackled him faster than the eye could follow, slugging him hard several times. Blood oozed out of Brayden’s mouth to pool on the ground.

“Give me that information.”

Stephan still had one hand wrapped in Brayden’s hair, the other cocked back to strike again. The lethal glint in Stephan’s dark eyes was as bright as a neon sign.

“I didn’t tell her anything. I just sent her to James. That’s all I said. I swear,” Brayden choked through the blood.

For several seconds the men were frozen in time. Stephan’s hand moved in slow motion to his foot. He eased a long, serrated knife out of his boot. Brayden’s eyes followed every minute movement Stephan made.

“What else?”

Those two words fell like bombs.

“He was taking her to Kris.”

“And?” the knife was now lying against the side of Brayden’s face, a razor thin line of blood welled up beneath it.

“I haven’t heard anything else. Please, I don’t know anymore.”

“Not smart of you.”

A scream ripped through the still night.


Kris let go of my head as abruptly as he grabbed me. “Now do you see why we need to creek-731483_640.jpgmove, and fast. That happened two days ago. Stephan knows this place, and I’d bet anything he’s on his way here this second. I’m taking you somewhere we can talk in safety.”

The image of Brayden laying there on that dirt road, blood streaming from the side of his face fixed itself in my imagination. Whether or not he survived played over and over in my head. Whispering a silent prayer for him, and for myself, I followed Kris out of the cave. We made our way through the ancient German forest along trails so faint I wasn’t even sure the game that made them had travelled down them more than once. It didn’t seem to slow Kris down, though.

As we hiked, I continued to process what Kris had shown me. How he could even do that was something my mind refused to comprehend. What the hell had I gotten myself into?

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