Random Sunday

Random Writing: Reflection

Hey everyone. I have decided to change things up a bit with the Random Sunday posts. Rather than random bits about my life all the time, I’m throwing in some random pieces of writing. Some of it is old flash, other things are ideas sketched out a little to come back to at some point, and some of it honestly I’m not sure what it is or what to do with it. So, today I give you a little bit older piece inspired by a writing prompt I saw at the time. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Simeon took a deep breath to calm his shaking hands. The black frame before him twisted and turned in a way that hurt his eyes and confused his mind.

“What will I see should I look?”

“Your soul unmasked and unadorned.”

The Crone’s voice, a mere whisper, reverberated in the chamber carved into the foot of mirror-1662178_640.jpgthe mountain. When the echoes faded into a perfect silence, Simeon turned to consider the cavern opening. If he didn’t look, he could walk away unharmed. Unchanged. But, if he took the gamble and dared peer into The Crone’s Mirror, he could gain power untold.

Power. Enough to free his kingdom from the oppression of Bareon’s tyranny. Years of abuse, of groveling, and of suffering erased. A chance to heal his land. All it took was to glance up. Peek into The Crone’s Mirror. In doing so, he would stare into the depths of his soul just as the legend said it showed.

Would he like what he saw there? Could he handle the truth of what lay hidden in the dark corners he knew existed in his soul? Therein laid the conundrum. If he were honest with himself, Simeon knew he had not always been the most honorable man, regardless of why he had done the things he did.

But, the thought of walking away, of leaving the kingdom in Bareon’s hands revolted him. Hard on the heels of that thought came the decision Simeon knew he would make. The only real option left to him.

“It is time. Choose.” The Crone shuffled out of the gloom to stare at him.

Simeon clenched his fits, held his breath, and raised his eyes. He froze as the reflection consumed him.

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