Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 6

I’m working to get myself back on track with this serial for y’all. Here’s part 6. If you’ve missed any of the previous parts, you can find them here. And, as always, let me know what you think!

Getting in Deeper

Kris turned without a word and led James and me deeper into the woods. He moved with an incredible grace. His walk had to have devastated hearts everywhere. Kris had powerful, wide shoulders, too. But it was the confidence flowing from every step that kept drawing my attention. That kind of self assurance was magnetic.

A predator. That’s what he reminds me of.forest-4657470_640.jpg

Walking behind him, I experienced déjà vu. Something attracted me to him and this place.

Little did I understand at the time how right I was about Kris and his magnetism.

We moved through the woods at a swift pace, Kris and James ahead of me and others I didn’t know behind me. They all flowed through the trees like water. In comparison, I felt utterly graceless and clumsy, snapping sticks and rustling leaves while they all moved without a sound. It didn’t take long for me to feel so out of place it was like being back in middle school and I was in the wrong clique.

I shook my head. Get it together. These people will help me find justice for Tara.

This thought distracted me enough to make me trip over a tree root. I hissed as a stick jammed its way under the edge of my kneecap. James reached down to help me up. Once on my feet, we stood there for a moment as I worked to dissipate the pain that made it hard to move. We set off again; the people around me moving with ease while I struggled to keep up.


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