Random Sunday

Books and Catching Up

A Fantasy Christmas

Oy, has it been a week. Before I get into that, I want to make sure to share an awesome 79008331_2832173010135433_8954456373446311936_n.jpgnew book release. A Fantasy Christmas is a collection of thirteen stories by thirteen amazing authors. All fantasy themed, this collection published by Fiction Atlas Press, A Fantasy Christmas is available today!

Today has been such a catch-up day for me, and I’m still behind. Last week we had a major licensing inspection at work. I ended up working a bunch of ten-hour days trying to cover bases so we could get this audit done. And the crazy part is that the auditors went to super detailed extremes during this audit, so much so people I work with who have been in the field twenty years haven’t ever seen it before. But at least it’s done. Well, done except for getting the correction order and getting those things taken care of.

Holiday Preparation

santa-claus-1906513_640.jpgThen, because I’m terribly behind right now, we finally got a bunch of the Christmas decorations up this weekend. Seriously, I didn’t have a thing up for Christmas prior to this weekend. At least now a lot of it is done. I have no idea where I’m going to cram some of my other holiday preparations yet, but I’ll get there. And, whatever doesn’t get done just won’t get done.


Of course, just because there wasn’t enough going on, my son has ended up with a cold. Yes, in the grand scheme of things it’s minor, but it does complicate a few things. He’s stuffed up some so he doesn’t sleep well. Plus, he’s also quite snuggly and a bit touchycold-1947995_640.jpg. I’m just hoping I can avoid getting his cold. I’ll be quite irritated if I’m sick over Christmas. I’ve done that too many times already.

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