100 Word Challenge: Faith

I’m slowly working my way back on track. It’s definitely an uphill battle this time of year. Between work, my kid having a cold–which makes him needier than he usually is–and the holidays, I’m sometimes impressed I can stay sane. But, I am determined to make it as I’ve succeeded every year so far. Which, given my life right now, this 100 Word Challenge gave me pause to think a little. While I don’t have the answers, it did lead to a few questions.

The Faith Paradox

What wondrous thing, yet so nebulous.
It’s crystal clear for so many
but defies an easy definition.silhouette-1321398_1920.png
A simple act, a choice to be made,
yet is a crisis for multitudes.
This yin and yang, right and wrong
has inspired the best in us,
and the worst.
Amazing acts so awe inspiring
and atrocities so gut wrenching
have all come from this little word.
What is it, though, without its twin?
Faith and doubt defining each other.
To believe is to leave hesitation behind,
but mistrust is the trailhead
to fervent conviction.
The root of all evil,
or humankind’s salvation?


I would love to know what you think! And, please be sure to stop by Thin Spiral Notebook to see what others did with their 100 words!

100 word challenge

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