100 Word Challenge Flashback

While there are a couple changes going on over at Thin Spiral Notebook with the 100 Word Challenge prompt, I went back to one from a couple weeks ago. This is one I hadn’t figured out a response to yet. But then I got thinking about what I’ve heard several friends of the family have said. A little while later, I had my answer to the prompt. What was the prompt? The word Retired. I think I even got the iambic pentameter right. Anyway, I give you:


They say this place in life is meant for fun,pedestrians-400811_640.jpg
but all of this frivolity is hard
I run from here to there and back again,
and my appointment book is crammed so full
there’s not one minute left for me to breathe.
I don’t know how I had the time to work
before all these adventures came my way.
It’s fun they said, come on, retire they said
because the work is causing so much stress.
And like a sucker, I believed them too.
But now it’s crazy busy every day.
Being retired is too much work I say.

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