Random Sunday

Organization, Cervicogenic Dysfunction, and Planters


Well, my most recent attempts at being more organized are failing. Granted, it was one of the weirdest weeks I’ve had in a while which didn’t help. But still, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to, though. This week is a new week, though, and I’m working hard toarm-1284248_640.jpg keep my ADHD issues from getting in the way. Not sure if I’ll make it, but if I don’t try, I know I won’t. I am proud of myself in that I managed to beat back more of the clutter in my house this weekend. I have determined clutter happens when three ADHD people are all living under one roof. As I mentioned, though, more of the house is de-cluttered and I don’t do too bad at keeping it that way. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that as the de-cluttered bits expand, I’ll still be able to keep up.

Cervicogenic Dysfunction

I had another hint that my stress levels have been higher, and my week was weird last week. My headaches are back. I ended up with one for two days straight this week. Gotta cervical-spine-1129431_640.jpglove cervicogenic headaches. As soon as my neck and upper back muscles tense up, here come the headaches again. I’m hoping my go-to yoga routine will be enough to loosen them back up again, or it’ll be back to the chiropractor for me. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s been several months since I was last there. I want to beat my old record, though. I went nine months without having to go in because I could manage the cervicogenic dysfunction that triggers these headaches. My trick is my yoga—which I have not been as consistent at as I need to be—and the hot tub while my son is in swimming lessons. Then life seems to be good.


My son and I are trying an experiment. We were at a local dollar store, Five Below for those of you who may recognize it, and I found a couple cute plantar kits. The one I bought for my son is a miniature tin wash tub with a sensitive plant, mimosa pudica. I aromatic-plants-130414_640.jpgfigured he would get such a kick out this one if we can get the seeds to grow. My plantar is a white ceramic skull with a couple cactus seeds. I’ve never tried to grow a cactus from a seed before, so this could be a rather interesting experiment. If it works, I’ll post pictures. Otherwise we’ll move on to find other things to grow in these planters.

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