Random Sunday

Life, UFOs, and Cleaning


Ugh, it has been too long since I’ve put words to paper. I know I keep saying I’m making my comeback, then crap happens. I mean, I still work in a hospital battling the opioid epidemic in the middle of the Covid pandemic. That has led to some rather interesting days and dilemmas. Then, about two weeks ago or so, I fell and gave myself a mild concussion. I’m super glad it was only mild, but my doctor put me on a no screen restriction for a while. Given time-1739629_1920how much continuing education I’ve had around concussions and such, I didn’t fight it. At least not too much. Adding to all this stress, my husband got laid off back in May, which really sucked because it wasn’t even Covid related. The company reorganized. Thankfully, he starts a new job next Monday. So, with all of that going on, you can imagine my stress levels. Let me tell ya—as if I need to—that much stress is not very conducive to creative endeavors. But, with life calming some and me having made some changes to better manage all of this, I’m giving this writing thing another attempt. I’m sure it’ll continue in fits and starts for a while, but at least I’m trying. Here’s hoping I’ll get to continue chatting with y’all along the way.


IMG_5460.JPGI may have mentioned this somewhere, but in case I didn’t share it here, one of my goals this year is to finish some of my many half done projects. AKA unfinished objects. UFOs for short. In all honesty, I think I have at least a dozen half done projects. Hence my goal. Plus, I’ve also said I’m not starting any new ones until I get some current ones done. I got two done so far. The first one I finished is my music themed lap quilt. I started hand sewing the foundation pieced blocks many years ago. Finally got it all put together earlier this year. Then I got done my son’s crocheted afghan. That’s another one I started a long, long time ago. Now on to a queen-sized t-shirt quilt, two table runners, and several wall hangings that need finishing, not to mention the many stories and novels that are part way done. If only the plot bunnies will leave me alone.


There is one accomplishment I’m working on that I am proud of right now. I did a ton of cleaning over the last week. Part of my motivation is that I need the spare room in about a month for when some family comes to stay. No worries on the social distancing stuff, it’s family I have regular contact with. They’re moving and will be in between homes for a bit later this summer. So, they’ll be staying here for some of that time. Man have I clean-571679_640cleaned, though. One full carload has been cleaned out and donated. The next is being loaded up to be donated tonight. There’s an excellent chance I’ll have at least a little more after this, too. Yes, I am in that kind of cleaning mode right now. While I am not a neat freak anywhere other than work, I hit a point where I’ve decided there is just too much stuff in this house. I want my house to not look like it’s overflowing with stuff and messy all the time. So, that’s also been taking some of my time. But this should be short-lived if I can keep going at this pace for a little while longer.

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