Random Sunday

Birthday, Goals, and Getting Old


My son turned eight years old this weekend. He’s been having a birthday party most of the weekend as his two cousins stayed for the weekend with grandma. Let me tell you, though, it’s interesting to go from one child to three, especially when his cousins are eight and six, respectively. They’ve been busy playing at the park, playing outside at our house, running around the house, etc. We went out to dinner for my son’s birthday, the birthday-cake-380178_1280.jpgfirst time I’ve been out to eat in quite a while. Probably going to be the last time in quite a while. I just don’t do well with that kind of thing anymore. It’s a hazard of working in a hospital. My son’s other birthday present was that I was on vacation all week this last week. So, he had to put up with me. We were busy, though, and I know he had a ball. I can’t believe he’s eight years old already. I swear I haven’t aged that much. Honest.


So, goal update. I haven’t done much on Nightmares over the last week. Between some plans from being on vacation and then having family over, my concentration and groove for Nightmares is just not working. I did, however, get several other things done. Like finished a book cover for a new release from Three Furies Press and got most of the way through another one for TFP. Oh, and finished promo graphics for a third release. Yes, I goals-2691265_1280pretty much hid in Photoshop most of this last week and weekend. The enjoyable part is that this work was easy enough to interrupt and come back to around other stuff going on. I’m writing this while the three kids sit and watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m hoping once everyone goes to bed in a bit, I can jam out a few words for Nightmares. My goal remains the same, though, to finish it within the next 3 weeks. That’ll give me just enough time to do some of my own edits and revisions before handing it off to my editor.

Getting Old

Ugh, I tell you, I’m falling apart. My chiropractor figured out that a lot of my cervicogenic headache issue is muscle issues pulling at my vertebrae in my neck, which triggers the headaches. Which means I’m still at weekly chiropractor visits. I’m also back to pushingwatch-1267418_1280.jpg my yoga routines every day since that makes a big difference for me. While all of this is going well, I’ve also managed to mess up my foot somehow. I think it’s plantar fasciitis but am not 100% certain. I probably need to give in and go to the doctor, but I don’t want to. Yes, I get cranky and stubborn about it, which doesn’t help either. Maybe one of these days I’ll set up an appointment. I’m hoping some of my yoga will fix that, too. It may be a vain hope, but I can hold on to it, nonetheless.

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