Random Sunday

Random Sunday – Swans, Spaghetti, and Dungeons and Dragons

Yep, it’s Random Sunday, on a Monday. What can I say? It was my Dad’s birthday party last night and I got distracted.

Image by tove erbs from Pixabay


On a walk last week, I saw four swans that hadn’t migrated south. They were hanging out on the Mississippi River just below a dam where they had plenty of open water. I’d not realized swans would stick around in Minnesota in the winter. Those big white birds against the dark water with the fresh snow we’d gotten made for a beautiful sight. We figure they were a family, seeing as two swans still had hints of cygnet gray and two were pure white. So, yeah, while out for a walk to explore the fresh snow, I learned some swans stay in Minnesota for the winter.

Image by Davie Bicker from Pixabay


I had a minor mishap about two weeks ago, too. We had spaghetti for dinner that night. Normally I keep jars of spaghetti sauce around for occasions like this one when we decide this last minute. No problem, though, as I had tomato sauce, tomato paste, and the various seasonings needed to make sauce. We even had some mushrooms. I started throwing things together for a quick sauce while I made the spaghetti. I even remembered to cover the sauce, so it didn’t make a mess as it cooked. Trust me, remembering this step can be a challenge for me. I’d stirred the sauce several times, using the cover to keep the mess to a minimum. Except when I went to stir the sauce just before it was done. The sauce splattered on my hand when it bubbled. It left me with a second-degree burn on my thumb. Sucks, but I’m glad it’s healing well. The worst part, though, is that it’s hard to put gloves on. Have I mentioned I live in Minnesota? In January? The sauce turned out delicious, and we ate it all.

Image by Mitaukano from Pixabay

Dungeons and Dragons

We may soon venture into interesting territory. My son is ten years old and loves inventing stories. Given this, I thought it might be fun to introduce him to Dungeons and Dragons. Trust me, the kid has the imagination for it. I’m a little worried about the rules, though. They could be challenging for him. But I figure my husband or I could play with him while the other is the Dungeon Master. Goodness knows neither the hubby nor I have played in so long it should equalize the playing field a little. If we find or create a couple of easier adventures to give him the chance to learn the game, we should be in business. I’m looking forward to seeing what he thinks!

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