Random Sunday

Snowstorm, Negativity, and Car Washes

Look at me! I have Random Sunday posted. On Sunday! You’d think I had some organizational skills or something. Some days I can show them, but other days don’t go as well and things like Random Sunday on a Monday happen. And organization isn’t always included. I’m basking in the glory of being on top of it today and having this done in time. Now, on with the show.


Image by Hans from Pixabay

I feel like I’ve been starting many of my recent Random Sunday posts with something to the effect of “oh boy”. I have another one for you. They predict the latest winter storm bearing down on us here in Minnesota will dump around two feet, or sixty centimeters, of snow on us between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon. Now, I know we get snow here in copious amounts, but getting this much in two days is unusual. Even for us. At least I have one bright spot—my new car I told you about last week has four-wheel drive. Somehow, though, I’m not sure even that will be enough if we really get the heavier end of what’s predicted and hit that two-foot/sixty-centimeter mark like they say we might.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I saw several examples of a phenomenon I find both interesting and sad this week. These examples come in the form of a couple of groups I belong to on Facebook. I find it heartbreaking and fascinating that people look for and act in ways to be negative and bring others down online. It’s interesting to me because it seems like the basic social expectation of politeness no longer matters to many people when they’re on online. I get that when you don’t have to look at the person you’re directing the negativity toward, it depersonalizes it and allows you to justify it in your head. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think we need that politeness expectation to grow to allow people to speak their truths and have those truths respected. It’s more that we’ve become so hurtful about it in looking for that growth. I wish we could find a better path. One that allows us to empathize with our differences, celebrate our connections, and be more supportive of each other. Especially online.

Car Washes

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Apparently Random Sunday also isn’t complete without a story about my son, too. This time it’s about the car wash. He’s always loved going through the car wash. Something about it has enchanted him since he was two years old. Well, we’ve found an additional layer to the car wash experience. Sunroofs. Yep, my new car I told you about last week has one. The sunroof lets him watch the wash from a whole new perspective that is even cooler yet. I have to admit, it is a rather interesting experience to have when one has never had it before. It’s a good thing I have a monthly pass with unlimited washes. I have the feeling I’ll have one of the cleanest cars in the neighborhood for a while. Hey, at least it’s cheap entertainment that’s doing some good, too.

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