Random Sunday

Fight, Shopping, and Time

Fight I saw something interesting at work the other day. A huge group of kids got together to fight each other in a parking lot across the street from my office. In and of itself, this was rather unusual. Two things about the fight made me laugh for the sheer stupidity. First, they chose to… Continue reading Fight, Shopping, and Time

White Wolves

Master Class: A Trial’s Aftermath

This week, Thunderous Applause stuck out to me the most from our three choices at Master Class.  So, without further adieu, here is the next piece of the White Wolves story.  The rest are all here on this page, so please scroll through if you've missed pieces to the story.  Also, be sure to swing… Continue reading Master Class: A Trial’s Aftermath

White Wolves

Fighting for a Prize

“Waylon,” the leader of the three started, “You flea-bitten, mangy, pathetic excuse of an omega.” In the pause Rhys jumped in, “That’s quite the set of flowered insults there, Jennings.” Jennings made for Rhys, but the other two stopped him.  They both spoke softly to Jennings for several seconds.  Finally, Jennings quit baring his teeth… Continue reading Fighting for a Prize