Random Sunday

Books and Catching Up

A Fantasy Christmas Oy, has it been a week. Before I get into that, I want to make sure to share an awesome new book release. A Fantasy Christmas is a collection of thirteen stories by thirteen amazing authors. All fantasy themed, this collection published by Fiction Atlas Press, A Fantasy Christmas is available today!… Continue reading Books and Catching Up

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Random Writing: Omega and Alpha

Dredging up another older piece for your pleasure tonight. Didn't get much writing done today, but I did get a bunch of cleaning around my house done and a trial run of a Christmas present made. Plus bon bons at my grandma's. Considering I had to help make bon bons while also refereeing my seven-year-old… Continue reading Random Writing: Omega and Alpha

Random Sunday

Random Writing: Reflection

Hey everyone. I have decided to change things up a bit with the Random Sunday posts. Rather than random bits about my life all the time, I'm throwing in some random pieces of writing. Some of it is old flash, other things are ideas sketched out a little to come back to at some point,… Continue reading Random Writing: Reflection

Random Sunday

Crazy Ponderings about Life, the Universe, and Everything

Hey, y’all. Things have been rather tough with some personal stuff going on here. That’s why Hunting the Hunted Part 3 didn’t make it out yesterday as planned. Or the second book review I’d promised. The issues going on will end soon. Not the preferred end, but an end none the less. So, considering what’s… Continue reading Crazy Ponderings about Life, the Universe, and Everything

Random Sunday

Emergencies, Jobs, and Shopping

Emergencies Boy, am I glad I’m not working a day job right now. I apologize most sincerely for dropping off the face of the earth for a bit there. A situation came up that put a serious curveball in play we hadn’t expected. While I’m open to talking about some of stuff, I’m trying to… Continue reading Emergencies, Jobs, and Shopping