Random Sunday

Random Sunday – Flirting, Snow, and Covid

I’ve decided it is time to revive the Random Sunday posts. Random Sundays, which occasionally end up posted on a different day, are a collection of three random things that came from my life over the last week. Sometimes they’re thoughts I’ve had about something going on. Sometimes they include something that happened to me… Continue reading Random Sunday – Flirting, Snow, and Covid

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Random Writing: Omega and Alpha

Dredging up another older piece for your pleasure tonight. Didn't get much writing done today, but I did get a bunch of cleaning around my house done and a trial run of a Christmas present made. Plus bon bons at my grandma's. Considering I had to help make bon bons while also refereeing my seven-year-old… Continue reading Random Writing: Omega and Alpha

Random Sunday

Blizzard, Snakes, and T-Shirt Quilt

Blizzard We had our second annual April blizzard this last week. Where I live, we did not get nearly as much snow as we did with last year’s blizzard. Thank goodness. Other parts of the state got hit way harder. And, the saddest part is this storm is triggering a bunch of flooding all over… Continue reading Blizzard, Snakes, and T-Shirt Quilt

Random Sunday

Snow, Burns, and A Movie

Snow Wow. My arms are killing me right now. We’ve had so much snow this month here in Minnesota it’s just crazy. I think the official total as of writing this is close to three feet of snow just in February. With all this snow, I needed to rake some of it off my roof… Continue reading Snow, Burns, and A Movie

Random Sunday

Snow, Christmas Story, and Editing

Let me start off by saying this was supposed to be for last Sunday, but things got rough over the last week.  So, you’re getting it this week instead since I finally have time to type it up and get it posted. I have to revisit the snow thing from two weeks ago.  Why?  Because… Continue reading Snow, Christmas Story, and Editing