Weather Riders

Resolutions and Conflicts

It has been way too long since I played in the Weather Riders' world. I've missed Shayna, Caiden and company. This week's installment of the Weather Riders is brought to you by the Two Word Tuesday prompt over at Our Write Side. Stop on by over there to see what others have done with the… Continue reading Resolutions and Conflicts



Here's a quick little poem inspired by the Two Word Tuesday prompt from Our Write Side.  This week we had perspicacious and/or perceptive. Perspicacious To be perceptive. To understand. Showing insight. But of what? In discerning There is knowledge. To look inside. To glean the truth Without knowing how. But why? In intuition There is peace.… Continue reading Perspicacious

Weather Riders


I'm happy to be getting back to my Weather Riders serial, courtesy of Two Word Tuesday over at Our Write Side.  This week we had bicker and/or disagree.  Here's the next installment.                  The bickering seemed petty now.  I still didn’t like that Caiden lied, but now I understood why.  Silence stretched between us, Caiden… Continue reading Insights