Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 3

Okay, after a couple weeks of chaos around my house, I think I'm getting back to where I need to be. Meaning I'm finding some time to write and such again. So, I bring you part 3 of Hunting the Hunted. If you missed the first two parts, just click here to be taken to… Continue reading Hunting the Hunted Part 3

Random Sunday

Werewolves, Insomnia, and Cleaning

Werewolves I learned some interesting things this week while doing a little research for my new/old serial story, Hunting the Hunted. Hunting the Hunted is an urban fantasy story with werewolves as a key fantasy element. I didn’t want to do the same old werewolf stuff that people have done before. But, I also wanted… Continue reading Werewolves, Insomnia, and Cleaning

Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 1

Welcome to the serial story, Hunting the Hunters. For some of you this may sound familiar as it is a resurrection of an old serial I had been working on years ago. It's time I got back to it, so I'm cleaning up and editing the old posts before finishing the story. Please let me… Continue reading Hunting the Hunted Part 1