Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 5

Wow. This week has flown by. I really need to get myself better organized. Hopefully some of the craziness will subside with winter chores done and the like. Anyway, here's the next installment of Hunting the Hunted. Enjoy! Facing a Crossroads I mulled over the choices before me. I could give up and walk away… Continue reading Hunting the Hunted Part 5

Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 4

My apologies this has been delayed. This new schedule with work and riding the train has really thrown me off my game. Anyway, if you need to go back to catch up at all, here's the link for the main story page, or you can click on Hunting the Hunted under Serial Stories on the… Continue reading Hunting the Hunted Part 4

Hunting the Hunted

Hunting the Hunted Part 3

Okay, after a couple weeks of chaos around my house, I think I'm getting back to where I need to be. Meaning I'm finding some time to write and such again. So, I bring you part 3 of Hunting the Hunted. If you missed the first two parts, just click here to be taken to… Continue reading Hunting the Hunted Part 3

Random Sunday

Werewolves, Insomnia, and Cleaning

Werewolves I learned some interesting things this week while doing a little research for my new/old serial story, Hunting the Hunted. Hunting the Hunted is an urban fantasy story with werewolves as a key fantasy element. I didn’t want to do the same old werewolf stuff that people have done before. But, I also wanted… Continue reading Werewolves, Insomnia, and Cleaning