Random Sunday

Snowstorm, Negativity, and Car Washes

Look at me! I have Random Sunday posted. On Sunday! You’d think I had some organizational skills or something. Some days I can show them, but other days don’t go as well and things like Random Sunday on a Monday happen. And organization isn’t always included. I’m basking in the glory of being on top… Continue reading Snowstorm, Negativity, and Car Washes

Random Sunday

New Car, Frozen, and Snorkeling

I think this is becoming a trend. Maybe even a pattern. Yes, I'm talking about posting another Random Sunday on a Monday. Well, I did warn you last week when I posted my book review that it has been a crazy couple of weeks when I said I'd tell you about it. And I did… Continue reading New Car, Frozen, and Snorkeling

Random Sunday

Bathroom, Big Thaw, and LitCon

Image by Eugene Brennan from Pixabay Bathroom It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Random Sunday post, so it’s about time to do one. So, the question is where to start? The big thing that’s happening now is my bathroom has sprung a leak. Seriously. It’s leaking down into the downstairs bathroom. We… Continue reading Bathroom, Big Thaw, and LitCon

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Random Writing: Omega and Alpha

Dredging up another older piece for your pleasure tonight. Didn't get much writing done today, but I did get a bunch of cleaning around my house done and a trial run of a Christmas present made. Plus bon bons at my grandma's. Considering I had to help make bon bons while also refereeing my seven-year-old… Continue reading Random Writing: Omega and Alpha