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Writing a Good Hook

First, sharpen your knives, next ready your line. Wait. That’s fishing. Have I got your attention? Good, I succeeded. You continued to read to find out where I was going with this. That is the purpose of a good hook—to capture your reader’s attention. I know, you get all of this already, but how do… Continue reading Writing a Good Hook

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How Do I Say That Though?

Let’s go back and revisit some dialogue again, this time with a slightly different focus. We’re going to look at how the construction of dialogue works. I’m not talking about things like punctuation. This is more about how we put together sentences when we speak aloud. After all, when we write dialogue, aren’t we trying… Continue reading How Do I Say That Though?

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Gender and Communication

While we are on the subject of dialogue, let’s take a little bit closer look at how males and females communicate because there are some distinct differences.  Before going there, though I need to set two ground rules for this discussion.  First, about 80% of people will fit the general patterns as described below.  About… Continue reading Gender and Communication

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Writing Convincing Dialogue

Who here has made comments to the effect of “I can’t write good dialogue”?  *Counts show of hands*.  Yep.  Many authors have.  There are a few reasons why dialogue can be challenging.  Let me give you some pointers using psychology to help develop better dialogue. Speaking Is Not Writing The first piece to understand about… Continue reading Writing Convincing Dialogue

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Erikson’s Ego Integrity versus Despair

Woohoo!  We’ve made it to the final stage in Erikson’s psychosocial development theory.  This is the stage of ego integrity versus despair.  I know, sounds depressing, but there is hope.  I promise. Ego Integrity This is from about 60-65 years old until the end of life.  What is the big milestone that happens at this… Continue reading Erikson’s Ego Integrity versus Despair