Flash Fiction

Impressions of Home

Got another one for you today! It's a longer story because it wouldn't behave and got away on me. But I think you'll like it. Can you guess some of the inspiration that led to this one? Impressions of Home Omari paused at the mouth of the cavern. Not quite two meters high and a… Continue reading Impressions of Home

Flash Fiction

Seventh Daughter

I know I missed the last couple weeks of #SwiftFicFriday prompts, but they were still helpful! Those couple prompts ended up working themselves into a short story I'm working on. That story probably is going to miss the deadline I had, but I'll get it out to y'all one way or another. Anyway, this week's… Continue reading Seventh Daughter

Flash Fiction, Poetry


I totally missed last week’s SwiftFicFriday prompt. I saw it and it prompted the perfect scene to move my short story along. Alas, I didn’t get it all written in time. This week, though, I wanted to make sure I got my piece in, inspired stylistically by a favorite childhood poet - Shel Silverstein. As… Continue reading Misunderstanding