White Wolves

Doubts Creeping In

Getting my Master Class assignment done earlier this week.  I chose broken moon as my prompt.  What other prompt do you choose for a werewolf serial?  Anyway, here's my response and be sure to stop by Our Write Side to see other assignments.  Jen woke early the next morning. Not wanting to wake anyone, she… Continue reading Doubts Creeping In

White Wolves

Master Class: Plans are Made

I'm squeaking my Master Class assignment in just under the wire.  Of the prompts offered, midnight wordlings flowed into the story better than I expected.  This is the next piece in the White Wolves serial.  Be sure to scroll back for any missed parts and stop by Our Write Side to see other great assignments.… Continue reading Master Class: Plans are Made

Weather Riders

An Agreement

Two in one day!  I guess writing in the car paid off today.  This time I used Studio 10 Plus's prompt to get the next part of Shayna and Caiden's story done using the prompt efficacious and/or effective.  Stop by and check out other responses as well. “Destined?  No offense, but you two are nuts. … Continue reading An Agreement

White Wolves

Fantastic Realities

Our Write Side's Master Class had another set of fun, challenging prompts this week.  I chose fantastic realities, which ended up the title of this piece of the White Wolves story kind of by accident.  And, as usual, please stop by Our Write Side via the link above or the badge below to check out… Continue reading Fantastic Realities

White Wolves

Down the Rabbit Hole

Jen froze.  Rhys studied the damp, quiet night, waiting for her to digest what he just said. “My son’s alive.” “Yes.” “You know that for certain?” “Short of me personally seeing it with my own eyes, yes.  The intel I have is that he is alive.” “And that’s from a reliable source?” “As reliable as… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole