Other Randomness

“Where Have You Been?”

"What the? Where have you been?" I know, I know. I said I'd post more after the holidays. Now, it’s been a couple months and I’ve rarely been here. So, let me explain a little. About a week after New Year’s I came into work on a Monday morning to an email stating my program… Continue reading “Where Have You Been?”

Random Sunday

Author Fair, Car Accident, and Politics

Author Fair I did my first gig as an author this week. It was a local author fair at the county library. I didn’t sell much, but I did get my name out there more. I also had a number of excellent conversations with people. Participating in this taught me, or better put reinforced, the… Continue reading Author Fair, Car Accident, and Politics

Writing Advice

Writing a Good Hook

First, sharpen your knives, next ready your line. Wait. That’s fishing. Have I got your attention? Good, I succeeded. You continued to read to find out where I was going with this. That is the purpose of a good hook—to capture your reader’s attention. I know, you get all of this already, but how do… Continue reading Writing a Good Hook