Other Randomness

“Where Have You Been?”

"What the? Where have you been?" I know, I know. I said I'd post more after the holidays. Now, it’s been a couple months and I’ve rarely been here. So, let me explain a little. About a week after New Year’s I came into work on a Monday morning to an email stating my program… Continue reading “Where Have You Been?”

Random Sunday

Author Fair, Car Accident, and Politics

Author Fair I did my first gig as an author this week. It was a local author fair at the county library. I didn’t sell much, but I did get my name out there more. I also had a number of excellent conversations with people. Participating in this taught me, or better put reinforced, the… Continue reading Author Fair, Car Accident, and Politics

Writing Advice

Writing a Good Hook

First, sharpen your knives, next ready your line. Wait. That’s fishing. Have I got your attention? Good, I succeeded. You continued to read to find out where I was going with this. That is the purpose of a good hook—to capture your reader’s attention. I know, you get all of this already, but how do… Continue reading Writing a Good Hook

Random Sunday

Busy, Our Write Side, and Water

Busy I know, I know—it’s Monday, but with Father’s Day yesterday and trying to finish the remodel of my son’s room, things got crazy yesterday. My son has been needing more time and attention lately as well. Not sure what that’s about, but he takes priority over writing so I’ve been giving him more attention.… Continue reading Busy, Our Write Side, and Water