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100 Word Challenge: Ode to My Son

I am trying a new challenge tonight.  Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook has a 100 word challenge.  She gives you a prompt and you have to use exactly 100 words, no more and no less, to respond.  This week we had Forever as our prompt.  Here’s my response.
Two lines. The first appointment. The moment that little hummingbird fluttering tapped out through the speaker. The first pictures of your tiny body. The first kick making my side jump. The first time I saw you. Your first cry. The first time I held you. The first time you rolled and you laughed. You rolled like a ball not long after. That precious word, Mama, tumbling across your lips. Your toddler body wrapped around mine, “Mommy please don’t go”. Your big, cheesy grin when I walk in the door. You threw my life into chaos. I would never change it.
Be sure to head over to Thin Spiral Notebook and see what others have done with this!  It is harder than it looks.

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