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Til Death Do Us Part by Stephanie Ayers

I finished reading Til Death Do Us Part by Stephanie Ayers about a week ago.  I had to stop a little and think about this review.  Not because the book was bad, but because of how intricately woven the story was.  The main character, so to speak, is a diamond engagement ring from Tiffany’s.  I do not think you could pay me enough to take that ring anywhere along the way.  Most of the people who touch that ring in this story end up dead.

One aspect I loved about the story are how each vignette is carefully crafted and woven – just a snippet in the life of the person holding the ring.  Each fits together well into a rather tragic string of bad luck.  The detail to each scene is clear enough to picture it happening without weighing down the scene.  I also loved how Ayers brings the story full circle.  For a horror story, the ending is a good change.  Finally, I enjoyed how Ayers worked to let the reader get to know the characters through the scene rather than a laundry list description or a drawn out demonstration of traits.

The only thing that I was a little thrown off by is how quickly it felt like the ring changed hands.  At times it almost felt too fast paced.  Maybe it is because there were not clearly delineated time periods.  Maybe it was just me as well.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and Ayers impressed me with her ability to create the complexity she did in the narrative in such a short space.  Check it out.  It is well worth your time.

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